New book is a teaching aid for new, growing, and mature believers in Jesus Christ

The road to righteous living may not be an easy road, but those who walk on it have great testimonies of God’s faithfulness in their lives. Whether one finds the road straight or rugged, it is but full of life, wisdom, grace, and honor that whoever finds it embraces it and uses it and then finds life everlasting. That’s what author Mojisola Sanya hopes readers will find in her new book, “The Road to Righteous Living”. It is supposed to serve as a ready-to-go toolkit and handbook in one’s walk with God. This will serve as a source of instruction, teaching and setting a pace for believers who want to gain insight into how to walk in God’s righteousness.

Many people when they come to Christ newly, are often lost and do not know where to exactly start their journey. The author believes that having available resources and literature like this will help them to navigate and jump-start their journey. Furthermore, those who are already in the faith sometimes feel lost at some point in their journey, and this will be a tremendous help to new and growing believers in the Lord to improve their understanding of the life expected of them by God. It details the expectations of God from all believers who want to walk with Him. It also contains information on how to maintain a life of righteousness and things to do in order to remain steadfast, instead of growing weak or weary. It gives a brief understanding of God’s view of righteous man and why God intended this life for all that will walk with Him.

This book also includes some practice questions to refresh reader’s memories and ensure adequate comprehension of their reading. “I believe this book will help improve the lives of some people and encourage them to change as they aspire for God’s kingdom,” shares the author.

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About the Author

Mojisola Sanya was born into a Christian home, but even though she attends church regularly, she did not know the Lord until much later, after she got married. She gave her life to the Lord Jesus Christ in April 1992 and since then been growing steadily in the Lord. She relocated to the United States in 1998 and joined her present church (Tower of Praise International) and has been serving the Lord in the position as a deaconess and also as a Sunday school teacher. Even though she is a nurse by profession, she realized that teaching is her passion, for it bring her more satisfaction and fulfillment. She began to take more interest in teaching in the secular world, where she teaches nursing courses in college. During this pandemic, when things started to get slower and her having more time in her hands to play with, she decided to put this extra time to use and came up with this book in which she decided to put all her knowledge and experience as a teacher of the word.

The Road To Righteous Living Book Purchase

The Road to Righteous Living
by Mojisola Sanya
Publication Date: October 9, 2020; 66 pages
Paperback $7.99; 9781646205608

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