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Mojisola Sanya  Author of The Road To Righteous Living

The Road to Righteous Living

Mojisola Sanya

Many people, when they come to Christ newly, are often lost and do not know where to exactly start their journey. I believe that if they have available resources and literatures like this, they will help them to navigate and jump-start their journey. Furthermore, those who are already in the faith do sometimes feel lost at some point in their journey, and this is why I believe this book will be a tremendous help to new and growing believers in the Lord to improve their understanding of the life expected of them by God. The book is about righteous living. It details the expectations of God from all believers who want to walk with Him. It also contains information on how to maintain a life of righteousness and things to do in order to remain steadfast, instead of growing weak or weary. The book also gives a brief understanding of God’s view of a righteous man and why God intended this life for all that will walk with Him. This book also includes some practice questions to refresh reader’s memories and ensure adequate comprehension of their reading.

Explore and take “The Road to Righteous Living” through this ready-to-go toolkit and handbook, which serves as a teaching aid for new, growing, and mature believers in Jesus Christ.

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